• Pre –school and Elementary Program (Grade K-6): Core Subjects include English(reading comprehension, spelling, phonics, language, writing), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

    Intermediate  Program (Grades 7-8): Core Subjects are Mathematics (Algebra and Geometry), Science (Physical Science )English(literature, vocabulary, language, writing) and Social Studies (History and World Geography),

  • Secondary Program (Grades 9-12): Core Subjects are Mathematics (AlgebraII- precalculus-calculus), Science (Biology, chemistry, Physics )English(literature, vocabulary, language, writing) and Social Studies (World History), Business, economics


  • The school has adopted a curriculum based on American standards according to the needs and characteristic of our students.
  • Assessments are measurable and reliable and conducting according to the school grading policy that grants promotion to the next level.
  • The school frequently does standardized exams to random population of students from grades 3 to 9high school students take SAT I, SAT II exam in preparation for their university degrees


      The school safeguards authenticity of student work, including proctoring procedures.


Students’ portfolios are filed according to the ministry of education regulations and kept under the supervision of he filing personal in a private room. The files are reviewed by the ministry every year.

  • The tests/exam papers are kept confidential and in secure places. There is an Exam Room, where exam papers are kept and collected back after the exam. The exams and tests are conducted in an organized process and under strict supervision of the exam director. The exam director distributes students into different exam halls and assigns the names of proctors  . At the beginning of each exam session students are provided with general rules and specific rules concerning each test are  written on the exam cover page  were students can read and comprehend. Proctors are familiar with the expected standards.
  • The tests/ exams are marked according to the answer keys approved by the Subject Coordinator. In case, there are unexpected/ unusual answers by students they are discussed with the concerned Subject Coordinator and appropriate marks are given. The marked answer scripts are then scrutinized (second check) by the coordinator.
  • The school has made sure that the exams are conducted in as fair a manner as possible. Policies of students’ evaluation, granting academic credit, and recording grades are conveyed to all stakeholders.