Our mission at RIS is to provide a learning environment that develops students’ intellectual, academic, and moral potentials to become active and independent learners and citizens of a culturally diverse society


Our vision at RIS is to provide a stimulating learning environment with a technological orientation across the whole curriculum, which maximizes individual potential and ensures students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work and life


In Al Rissalah International School, we believe in…..

…building our students’ self-esteem

…building our students’ emotional & social development

…encouraging students’ creativity

… providing quality of education

…inspiring students to become ethical world citizens

…creating a friendly environment for learning


Students in Grade 4B visiting the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization through live streaming Skype in the classroom Microsoft Cloud: Saudi Arabia Microsoft in Education Gulf Riyadh Education
Done By Mr. Nohad Al-Hajj Ali
زيارة طلاب مدارس الرسالة - الصف 4b للمتحف الوطني في مصر ، عبر البث المباشر في برنامج سكايب للتعرف على الحضارة المصرية القديمة واهم معالم هذه الحضارة العريقة بالتواصل مع السيد عبدالرحمن عثمان مشرف المتحف.
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Come and see our KG Department which welcomes each child by providing a secure, nurturing, learning environment with hand on learning experiences to develop fine and gross motor skills and confidence to deal with academic subjects for future success at school.  English is the teaching language for all subjects.  Arabic is the second language including Religion.  French is the third language in Reception Year.


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